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Terms of Use


The Internet, in general, can be a valuable source of information about almost anything you want to know. However, you must use caution about what you use from the Internet. Some sites are produced by people who may not know as much about a topic as a professional who was educated in that field. Also, some sites may not be updated on a regular basis. You must be even more careful when you look at medical or health sites.

When you read health information on Internet sites, maintain a healthy skepticism, review questions with your doctor and professional care givers because these persons are your most trusted sources of accurate health and treatment information. They know you and can interpret information in light of your circumstances.

TARC developed this web site as a means of education and a resource for its users, both consumers and professionals. It is intended to be neither a complete reference source nor a source of specific treatment recommendations.

The site is not completed. It is being developed by a TARC committee and reviewed by the governing board. It will be updated on a regular basis.

If a link does not work, please e-mail that information to us. If you would like to see other topics included, please e-mail your suggestions to us.

Thank you.